Washer Repair Santa Clarita

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Washer Repair Santa Clarita

You might be using the washer regularly and that is why due to constant use, wear and tear, damage can occur. When these appliances are new they work properly, but in the course of time, efficiency reduces and several problems may occur which might need to be repaired. It requires occasional servicing and maintenance so that they are able to work properly.

Usual problems that occur in washers

One of the widely-used home appliances, washer is used to clean the clothes and any damage to this machine can cause inconvenience and problem. Like the washing machine the dryer can also get damaged and may not work properly. There might be the case when your washer may produce strange noises and vibrations; this is caused when the tub bearings of the washer are damaged by the water due to broken seal. Knowing to call the right Washer Repair technician in Santa Clarita is essential to a job well done.

Issues that need Washer Repair Santa Clarita

Top loading washers require lower maintenance and may not need regular cleaning of bellows and door seals. But the mechanical gearboxes that these washers need have higher chances of wear and tear unlike the other type of machines. While most of the issues in front loaders are restricted to the door seals and lock mechanisms are problematic.

Sometimes the washing machine stops in the middle of the cycle and the reason might be a damaged door or the washer’s lid. There may be the case when your washer is unable to drain the water efficiently due to damaged drain pump, it can wear out over time. Oftentimes, it gets damaged when any small foreign body like coins bangs it during the washing cycle. Sometimes the tub stops spinning during the wash cycle and this may be caused due to damage in the motor coupler. The best way to detect it is when you hear a rattling sound from the base of the washer. Some of the most frequent problems that require attention from a Washer Repair service in Santa Clarita are:

  • Washer stops spinning
  • Water is not drained efficiently from the washer
  • Water may not pump out of the machine during the spin cycle
  • The machine stops in the middle of the cycle
  • The washer making strange noise while in operation
  • Worn our bearing replacements

Highlights of our services

Having preventive maintenance ensures that the washer does not break down easily. Thus, when you call us for maintenance, we check for any signs of rust, cracks or blisters. Ensure that the rubber hoses are changed every five years while we check for:

  • Leaks in pipe and tub
  • Check water connection
  • Run and check for correct operation of washer cycles
  • Check the seals, bearing and door/lid locks
  • Evaluate for extra noises.

Whether it is the motor of the washer or the bucket that’s not working properly, we are known to fix all types of problems that occur in the washers. Our skilled team of technicians will make sure that your washer is fixed on the same day with no additional charges or hidden charges. We also provide 30 days guarantee on the labor and up to 5 year warranty on the parts that are installed in your washer by our experts. Regardless of the manufacturing brand of your washer, we only stock genuine parts of the washer of all the companies. Call us today and get quick service and fast repair on your washers. And we’re not expensive so you’ll get high quality care and repairs at the most affordable prices.